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So, yesterday, I mentioned the GOP efforts to hide the repeal/repeal and replace/stall/same thing/shore-up/or whatever the new Obamacare Bill is, if anything. I did so, here, on my blog.

Today, on his blog, Carlos Slim ran essentially the same story.


Carlos Slim’s Blog, the New York Times.

Hide-and-Seek? Isn’t that a little cliche? A little simplistic?

Yes, it’s true: they hide the Bill away we know not where; we seek in vain for the truth (whatever that is). We think we have it and they move it again.

I just like my game name better:

Whack-a-Bill! It’s like “whack-a-mole” except it’s played with a piece of hidden legislation and an imaginary padded mallet. The “mole” pops up, we try to hit it, and it quickly disappears down the rabbit hole of Congressional stupidity. Fun, if aggravating.

Well, what’s in a name? What’s in the Bill?! Geesh…