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Much has been made of the lauded “Day Without Immigrants”. I think this refers to a day (maybe today) when non-American invaders slack off with the crime, terrorism, and general nuisance. They seem to think people will notice the lack and want more. I’m not sure how this helps them.

Anyway, the dwindling ranks of taxpaying citizens in Los Angles were recently treated to a Day WITH Immigrants, courtesy of the “students” at Grover Cleveland High “School”.

“Students” Brawl:



This video shows scenes reminiscent of a third world prison riot. One would not be able to convince Grover Cleveland that this was, in fact, America.

And it isn’t. The student body at GCHS is only about 17% American. This mirrors the demographics of the entire Los Angeles Unified “School” District. This is the new Amerika, that post-1965 dystopian melting pot everyone is talking about. And it is spreading.

Soon, your child’s zoo school could host such exciting events. Except, perhaps, for one day per year without the joy of multiculturalism. It may not be an education (most assuredly will not be) but it will be an experience. Make sure your kids wear helmets.