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Or is that “devolving”?

The only character from fiction that even comes close to approximating the pathetic, stupid, useless, and tortured evil of the GOP is Gollum. Even he falls short, he having some unique talents and an ultimate, if unlikely, purpose.

I honestly see no redeeming value to the Republican Party. They lack even comedic value. Note: Trump is a titular “Republican” only; President Trump is really a …. Trump. Love him or hate him. he sure as hell tries. And he seems to have fun with. And he exhibits a devil-may-care attitude. This all may or may not turn out well but it is undeniably more noble than the righteous do nothing but still manage to screw up anyway insanity of his party.

The Democrat Party also stands head and shoulders above the GOP as a party – usually. They took a beating from Trump and are in understandable disarray. Again, love ’em or hate ’em, they command a certain level of respect due to their tenacity and consistency. They want to redefine the demographics of the U.S. – they do it. They want to crash Western civilization – you know when they try. They say they’ll socialize something – done. They want to raise taxes – done. Whatever it is, good or bad, they get it done.

The Republicans seem to have existed lately only to provide weak, nominal resistance to the ultimate Democratic victories. And that’s it. They have no strategy and no ability to lead independent or their sad, schizophrenic dependency. I think the last Republican with a will of his own was Abraham Lincoln (and that will was to wreck the Constitution and kill people).

Yes, yes, Republicans do a good job of throwing bombs and raising debt levels. But they always do so only with copious Democratic assistance.

So it is that the GOP has absolutely no idea what they’re doing with regard to Obamacare, the ACA:

Republicans love cutting taxes, especially if they were authored by a president named Barack Obama. But as they push their wobbly effort to erase his health care overhaul, they’re divided over whether to repeal the levies the law imposed to finance its expanded coverage for millions of Americans.

It’s a trillion-dollar dilemma – actually closer to $1.1 trillion. That’s the 10-year price tag the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office puts on revenue the government would lose if the law’s taxes on wealthy people, the insurance and pharmaceutical industries and others were eliminated.

Republicans and President Donald Trump have been edging away from their promise to quickly eliminate Obama’s entire law. Still, annulling its taxes would be a partial victory and is irresistible for many GOP lawmakers and the conservative voters at the core of their support.

“We should do full repeal,” said Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, a leading House conservative. “And full repeal means not taking the taxes” from people.

Yet voiding those levies erases a mammoth war chest Republicans would love to have – and may well need – as they try replacing Obama’s law. It’s a major rift GOP leaders face as they try crafting a health care package that can pass Congress.

“These are sources of revenue you just can’t discount,” said Rep. Patrick Meehan, R-Pa., a member of the Tuesday Group of GOP pragmatists. He said the money could help “create a soft landing and coverage for those who currently rely on Obamacare.”

Imagine a fool (the GOP), standing on the railroad tracks. Even the fool can see the flaming wreck of a train (Obamacare) speeding towards him. All he has to do to save himself is step off. However, this fool is so stupid that all he can do is equivocate about stepping left or right. At the same time he obsesses about the kinetic value of the train and how to possibly replace it with yet another flaming wreck. The train is seconds away from impact.

This scenario would be hilarious except that, in our case, the fool’s demise will derail the train, crashing it into our house.


Whatever. The Masters is only a few weeks away…