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What some (in horror) refer to as a “vast overhaul of immigration” is really no more than adhering to and enforcement of the existing law.

When President Trump ordered a vast overhaul of immigration law enforcement during his first week in office, he stripped away most restrictions on who should be deported, opening the door for roundups and detentions on a scale not seen in nearly a decade.

Up to 8 million people in the country illegally could be considered priorities for deportation, according to calculations by the Los Angeles Times. They were based on interviews with experts who studied the order and two internal documents that signal immigration officials are taking an expansive view of Trump’s directive.

Here’s a kicker:

The rest of the 11.1 million people in the country illegally, according to a study by the Pew Research Center, are believed to have entered on a valid visa and stayed past its expiration date.

Is eight million? Or 11 million? A total of 19 million? Could it be 20 or 30 million? No-one really knows. And until last month no-one (officially) really cared.

A better question is: “how the hell did we ever accumulate so many illegals?” And those are the illegals. Many (most?) legal immigrants do not belong in America. Some estimates have the number north of 80 million here who do not belong.

And they never wanted to belong. They want to transform the U.S. into whatever third world dump they came from. Of course, they’ll happily take a welfare check in the interim. Too many in power, for too long, were all too happy to help them.

It’s all over. The wall, the “Muslin ban”, and the deportations are just the beginning. We are going back to pre-1965 Immigration Act demographics whether the hell anyone likes it or not (though most do). Given that these invaders never intended to fit in any way, they shouldn’t be too disappointed. They should book travel arrangements sooner than later though.

Perhaps the objecting judges, politicians, globalists, celebrities, “preachers”, churchians, banksters, fraudsters, and SJWs should follow the exodus.

America can’t be “great again” until it is America again.

Get out!