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Last week the president directed immigration officials to halt the flow of people into the U.S. from seven Islamic countries. They did and globalists and snowflakes lost it.

I listened to Dick Durbin babble about something, yesterday, for about 10 seconds. I saw Chuck Schumer cry. The Soros rent-a-mobs diverted from D.C. to JFK and LAX. A few judges did what they could to support ISIS. Given what’s at stake, I might suggest President Trump consider detaining all of these people for lending aid to the enemy.

Here’s what’s at stake:

Six are dead and eight wounded after two Muslims opened fire at a mosque in Quebec. This is difficult to believe, I know, because Canada has gun control, which prevents shootings. Or not. Canada’s Prime Minister just welcomed more Muslims in response to Trump’s “hateful” immigration orders.


CBC News.

None of the protesting, crying, hand-wringing, surrendering, and pandering stopped the “Allahu Akbar!” last night – a cry which has rung out in more than half the wars in human history.

Initial reports indicate one shooter is of Arabic origin while the other may be a local convert. These reports usually change – or are buried.

The next time someone mentions the “proposition nation”, the “nation of immigrants”, or all that great ethnic food, just remind them of this incident. Or Orlando. Or Parliament Hill. Or San Bernardino. Or New York. Or Paris. Or Brussels. Or Fort Lauderdale. Or (fill in the 10,001 blanks).