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Whether the hell anyone likes it or not the West is rising again. The men (and women) of civilization and speaking and acting. Marine Le Pen, France’s presidential standout candidate and next leader, spoke to a group of pro-Europeans in Germany. (Imagine that, pro-Europeans in Europe).

“We are living through the end of one world, and the birth of another,” Ms. Le Pen, the leader of France’s National Front party, told a cheering gathering of members of European right-wing parties on Saturday in this Rhine River city to chart a joint path to success in elections in the Netherlands, France and Germany this year.

“In 2016, the Anglo-Saxon world woke up,” Ms. Le Pen said. “In 2017, I am sure that it will be the year of the Continental peoples rising up.”

Geert Wilders, a Dutch nationalist whose anti-Islam Dutch Freedom Party currently leads the polls for spring elections in the Netherlands, was emblematic of the confidence of the far-right at the meeting.

“The world is changing,” he said. “America is changing. Europe is changing.” He added: “It started last year with Brexit, yesterday there was Trump and today the freedom-loving parties gathered in Koblenz making a stand.”

“The genie will not go back into the bottle again, whether you like it or not,” he said.


Theresa May became Britain’s new Prime Minister following the inevitable success of BREXIT. She is hard at work breaking her country free from the autocratic tyrants in Brussels. In a week or two May will be the very first foreign leader to meet, in Washington, with President Trump.

Donald Trump rode a wave a populist support into the White House. Yesterday, in his inaugural speech, he vowed to transfer the power from D.C. back to the American people. He had better.

2017 (learn these names)

Marine Le Pen will be France’s next President.

Geert Wilders and his party will soon control politics in the Netherlands. Look for him to become Prime Minister of the Council of Ministers to the King.

Frauke Petry is gaining ground in his bid to become Germany’s Chancellor. Of these three named politicians he is the least likely to assume office this year. However, he and his party are growing rapidly. Sooner or later they will save Germany from the utter and incomprehensible stupidity of Angela Merkel. Another major terror attack may cement a September victory this year.



There are other names also. And there have been setbacks. However the people of Austria, Italy, Greece, Poland, Spain, etc., etc. are tired of being victims of slow but sure genocide. Australia, New Zealand, and Canada are seeing the movement grow as well. Every Islamic attack, like that in Melbourne this week, further galvanize the People. Every screw turned by the banksters strengthens their resolve.

The West is now standing, standing up for its own identity and survival. A veritable Tours 2.0 is currently underway. So far, despite the constant bloodshed inflicted by the other side, this side of the battle is peaceful, democratic. But beneath the surface the spirit of Martel is alive and well, readying just in case.

Once the invaders and criminals have been repatriated or otherwise defeated, the People will then look to the traitors in their midst (like Merkel) along with the insidious, greedy globalist scum. More so than even the actual terrorists, those behind them must be dealt with. It’s called vengeance. It is righteous. And it is coming.