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*Perrin’s notes: To save time, tune in at Noon for the Presidential Oath-taking at the Capitol. Click the link at the bottom of this story for a full calendar of events.

I wish Trump well as our 45th President – mostly because I am optimistic he will do even just a few of the things he said that got him elected. And that those things will work for the best. That is in contradiction to my general assessment of where we are headed as a nation.

Folks, this is it. Love him or hate him, Trump is the last shot at regaining even a semblance of the Old Republic. It’s a very tall order and an extremely heavy burden. This is about reviving, maybe even imitating, not continuing. If he fails, then we enter new and uncharted territory. Dark territory. We should start to find out by the end of this year.*

President Donald J Trump Inauguration Links: WEBSITE HERE – TWITTER HERE – INSTAGRAM HERE – FACEBOOK HERE Thursday January 19th 2017 ♦ 10:35 am – Performances begin at Lincoln Memorial. “Voices of the People,” the first act of a day-long public concert, will feature groups such as the DC Fire Department Emerald Society Pipes and […]

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