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Cicero was correct: the more laws, the less justice. The U.S. has total law, complete legislation of everything. Does that mean we have no justice at all? Martin Armstrong thinks so.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in California has upheld the criminal conviction of Robert Kahre, the man who tried to circumvent the IRS by paying his employees in gold coin. He relied on the face value of the gold coins being below the legal threshold that triggers withholding taxes. A $20 gold coin is legal tender for only $20 — not its gold value. Gold was never demonetized. From a strict construction perspective, Kahre was correct and should not have been charged legally. However, the IRS interprets the value of the gold, not the legal tender value. The Court held that Kahre didn’t do his duty to serve as a tax collector for the United States, for which you, as an employer, are not paid. Kahre is currently serving a 15-year sentence.

You must understand that you are dancing with the devil. There is absolutely NO RULE OF LAW whatsoever and all your constitutional rights are fictional. Your liberty and human rights are in the hands of every petty government officer because they get to do whatever they desire and it has become your burden to go to court to PROVE you have any human rights. This is what happens in all republics. Whenever you have a political class, they always exert their power against the people. There is ABSOLUTELY NO HISTORICAL EXCEPTION!

A couple of things. First, Armstrong is half right: there is a rule of law: total rule under complete legislation of everything. Second, those rights are a fiction. Every once in a while a citizen wins but it is almost always a fluke. The Soviet show trials had a better acquittal ratio. Tried to redress a grievance lately?? Lastly, Kahre was stupid (brave but stupid) to try this. It’s the government’s game and they’ll change the rules when they want to. Simple as that.

This evening I did my initial and incomplete estimations for my 2016 tax returns. I’m not feeling charitable towards the cabal on the Potomac. Wouldn’t it be grand if weasels like Paul Ryan stopped crying for 11 illegal alien criminals for a second and considered a little relief for 200,000,000 oppressed citizen taxpayers?

I’ll stop now…