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Some learned, one evening last November, that polls aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Then again, this is huge. Marine Le Pen is the only candidate in France who grasps the problems facing her nation and Western civilization.

Right-wing populist Marine Le Pen of the Front National is now leading opinion polls ahead of France’s presidential elections in the spring.

A new poll from Ifop-Fiducial released Tuesday shows Le Pen at first place with the backing of 26.5 percent of voters, while her moderate center-right rival Francois Fillon, of Les Republicains, would receive just over 24 percent of the vote, the poll suggested.

“He is putting in place measures I have been demanding for years,” Le Pen said of Trump.
The new poll, which was conducted the first week of January, was based on a sample of 1,860 registered voters and has a margin of error of 1.3 percent.

The poll represents the first time Le Pen has led with voters since November, and coincides with a noticeable decline in popularity for Fillon, who was polling at roughly 28 percent in December.

Interestingly, Fillon’s slide in the polls comes the same week he said he was opposed to France’s exiting the Schengen Treaty and ending its participation in free movement between E.U. member states.

Fillon, however, has apparently recognized the extent of his tactical error, and on Wednesday is expected to announce his support for immigration quotas during a rally in Nice — the site of a brutal Islamic terrorist attack in July 2016.

It’s too late for Fillon and the globalists. But it is not too late for France or Marine. She’s not ahead because of economic issues though they certainly don’t hurt her.

Let me set this prediction in digital stone: this is France’s next President:


France 24.

The invaders should commence packing now.

By the way, if you don’t support Marine, then you hate women (and civilization).