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Thank God for conservatives. Or not.

Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have been adamant – the federal debt is way too high and has got to be tamed fast.

Cruz, a Republican from Texas, helped lead the 2013 fight against raising the debt limit, a fight that resulted in a partial government shutdown. Rubio, a Republican from Florida, in announcing his plans for this year, said Tuesday that “one major thing that will cost us jobs and hamstring our economy is our rising debt.”

So why did they and 49 other Senate Republicans vote this week to consider a measure that says the “appropriate levels of the public debt” would rise from the current $20 trillion to $29.1 trillion in 10 years? And predict deficits of $1 trillion by the end of that period?

Because, they said, it’s the first procedural step in repealing Obamacare. And they insisted the number is meaningless.

The Concurrent Resolution of doom.


I agree the number is meaningless. It’s far too rosy. In 10 years the debt will likely be $45 – 50 Trillion (on books, that is). Still, these Republicans are meaningless and useless too.

One hopes Mr. Trump knows that “veto” is the “you’re fired” of legislation.