This story I originally offered to help beat election mania. It proved popular and I need a re-posting… So now it is for the holiday mania… Either way, a great and true story (I think).


The following I offer as a needed break from tonight’s election mania. You can thank me later.

The year was 1983. I think. We’re going to say it was 1983 and January. Could have been December but January of ’83 sounds about right.

Anyway it was cold. Very cold especially for east-central Mississippi. For the sake of my happy memories let’s also assume this frozen spell closely followed the white Christmas of that age. If you know otherwise, keep it to yourself, Zippy.

Snow began to fall. Actually it was ice. Maybe with freezing rain. Whatever it was that came from the sky the ground was soon completely iced over. Ice on the trees. Ice on the bushes. Ice was everywhere.

It was as beautiful as it was cold. And it was eerie. It all fell for a good long while. The roads became glazed over and utterly impassible. Everything…

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