A golden oldie for a lazy Christmas Eve. This is fitting however, because even today, December 24th, I sat out on the deck with Russell and some of the old gang. Gotta love the GA winter.


Summer is in full swing and it’s time for a cigar!  Okay, this summer it seems it’s either crazy hot or raining buckets.  What is the discerning outdoor cigar smoker to do?  Sit in the garage?  The wife will still nag about smoke magically seeping through the walls.  Light up in the car?  That’s not very comfortable.  Puff away under an umbrella?  You get the idea.  On a hot and humid day or a really wet day it’s extremely difficult to enjoy a fine cigar in the great outdoors.  Or it was…

Today you can smoke a stogie outside, rain or shine, in complete comfort!  My good friend, Russell Wilder, has raised the bar even higher by adding a beautiful and spacious covered outdoor deck over at Top Shelf Cigars!


Check out this beauty!


Here’s the view from inside:


Take another look; cool and comfortable!


The deck, just like…

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