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Most people are preparing for Christmas right now. They should. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Yet, it is now time to prepare for something else. Something a little more unsettling. There is a war underway for the soul of civilization. The war and Christmas crossed paths the other night in Berlin.

The search is still underway for the Tunisian “refugee” suspect in the mass lorry attack at the Berlin Christmas market. The Pakistani “refugee” suspect initially arrested, while a felon, is not connected to this particular massacre. That they know of.

  • 12 dead and 48 injured, some severely, at Berlin market
  • German police hunt Tunisian man after finding identity document
  • Suspect was investigated over earlier plot, had links to extremist preacher
  • Berlin terror attack leaves Angela Merkel isolated
  • Everything we know about suspect Anis Amri

How the German police and security service blundered over the Berlin terror outrage
A Tunisian man known wanted in connection with the deadly truck attack on a crowd at a Berlin Christmas market had been previously investigated over an earlier terror plot, a senior German official has said.

Ralf Jäger, the interior minister of North Rhine-Westphalia state, said an investigation had been launched against as Anis Amri, who was due to be deported, earlier this year on suspicion of “preparing a serious crime endangering national safety”.

He moved around Germany and lived in several places, Mr Jäger said. Since February this year he lived mostly in Berlin, but he had been back in North Rhine-Westphalia recently.

The man is aged 21 or 23 and known by three different names, according to reports in the daily Allgemeine Zeitung and the Bild newspaper.

Both said asylum office papers believed to belong to the man were found in the cab of the truck.

The documents, which announced a stay of deportation, were found under the driver’s seat of the 40-tonne lorry that barrelled through the Christmas market in the heart of the German capital.


NBC / Bundeskriminalamt.

Yet another Tunisian uses a truck to commit mass murder, 12 are dead, 50 are grieviously injured, and yet delusion continues to reign in Germany.

Reiner Haseloff, Saxony-Anhalt’s president, warned against giving in to fear following the attack. “I hope we hold our nerve,” the CDU politician said in an interview with the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung.

“The strategy of the terrorists is to fuel fear and destabilise our society. We must not allow that. We are not at war, it is something completely different, and won’t allow the war to be carried by Salafists in our country.

“There is an attempt to bring unrest in our healthy and democratic society. This effect must not develop.”

You are at war, moron. As you sneakily admit, the Salafists (Sunnis) are at war with you. You’re just not fighting back yet. This foolish sentiment pervades social media:

A defiant post on Facebook insisting Berliners are not afraid of terorrism has gone viral. The post, couched in typical Berliner humour, has been shared more than 8,000 times and liked more than 26,000 times:

Here is a rough English translation:

Watch out, you extremist nutcases: This is Berlin. We are Berlin. We ride the S-Bahn in the rush hour. We complain when people are friendly to us. Our taxi drivers are more dangerous than any converts. We grumble at the supermarket. We believe that Union [FC Union Berlin football team] will get promotion and Hertha [Hertha Berlin football team] will be in the Champions League. We eat kebabs and raw fish – at a price that guarantees that there is neither fish nor meat in them. Schultheiss [an old word for mayor, also a local brand of beer in Berlin] is a beer here. And Sternburg! And we love our children like crazy, even if they are lactose-intolerant. Whatever that is. We have nine months of winter and we go straight to work from partying. Some of us are Turks. Or Russians. Or Americans. Pakistanis too Or even Baden-Württembergers [people from a southern German state traditionally seen as very different from Berliners]. Scared of you?! Dream on, Pussies! You can look us up!

This isn’t defiance. It is delusional. It sounds like the chest beating of a drunken American football fan. And it completely dodges the hard facts of this invasion and war. Turks are Berliners? How about Tunisians? Syrians? Insanity.


War is war whether it’s tanks or trucks.

This IS War; They Hate Christians

The Salafists are at war with the West. And they hate us.

The Eritrean woman, 39, worked in several refugee centres across Germany and found fellow translators were part of the problem.

Talking to Catholic website Kath.net, she said they ‘show their true colours’ when Christians are out of ear-shot and they have a Muslim-only audience.

‘They want Germany to be Islamised. They despise our country and our values,’ she said.

She had arrived herself as a refugee in 1991, and has volunteered in asylum centres for five years to ‘give something back’.

After unearthing the worrying findings, she headed to the mosques to find out more.
Germany has been rocked by terror attacks this year, heaping pressure on chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door immigration policy

Germany has been rocked by terror attacks this year, heaping pressure on chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door immigration policy. ‘Pure hatred against non-believers is preached, and children are brought here from an early age here in Germany,’ she told Kath.net.

‘It’s very similar in asylum housing, where Muslim boys refuse to play with Christians.
‘Some women told me “We will multiply our numbers. We must have more children than the Christians because it’s the only way we can destroy them here“.

In an attempt to quell these feelings, she was told helping and defending Christians is a sin.

Germany has been rocked by terror attacks this year, heaping pressure on chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door immigration policy.

The savages have to go. Merkel has to go. All those who side with the enemies of civilization have to go.

America is a little behind the European curve though the Obama administration and its globalist allies have worked round the clock and calendar to change that. The U.S. must accept more Syrians, more Somalis, more Afghanis, and, above all else, more Tunisian truck drivers.

It’s not that our “leaders” don’t grasp what they’re doing. They do. The problem is that they are doing it intentionally. It is their ultimate goal to destroy the West and Christendom. They get it because they are it. Their sad followers on the left simply do not what is happening.

Ivan Throne does, recognizing the war for what it is.

The people of the West have seen the horrific and murderous insanity of cruel invaders armed with battle rifles and explosives, butchering their way through theaters and schools and leaving behind a grotesque tapestry of blood and screaming cries to Allah.

The people of the West have seen their buildings driven into the ground in a rain of bodies and fire, the heart of our cities torn out and destroyed with foul and hideously indiscriminate murder by their mortal and terrible enemies.

The people of the West have seen the forbidding and malevolent evil of the soldiers of Islam beheading multitudes of martyrs on the beach, and aiming bloody knives at the heart of Rome while declaring that blood will run in the streets of the holy city.

The people of the West have seen children detonated with bombs and excruciatingly rutted to death by the befouled, savage followers of Mohammed. And today those legions of rapacious ideological sadists rampage unopposed through the streets of the ancient cities of the Rhine.

If you do not believe war is here today, you are blind.

If you refuse to accept that this war is existential for the West, you will die.

Your culture will be destroyed and your tolerance will be an emasculating, embracing clasp of the remorseless and deliberate rapist.

There is no coexistence with the murderer.

There is no negotiation with the savage invader.

There is no appeasement of the insane butcher.

There is no reformation in Islam.

Leadership of the West has lost authority.

Ivan, we have here hordes of the foolish blind. And their large numbers are dwarfed by those whose heads are firmly planted in the sand.

Still, some awaken. Are you among them? Where do you stand? Do you stand? It is now time to decide.