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There appears significant dissent to the CIA narrative on the Ruskie hack attack. Both the ODNI and the FBI have doubts about the CIA’s information.

The CIA conclusion was a “judgment based on the fact that Russian entities hacked both Democrats and Republicans and only the Democratic information was leaked,” one of the three officials said on Monday.

“(It was) a thin reed upon which to base an analytical judgment,” the official added.

Republican Senator John McCain said on Monday there was “no information” that Russian hacking of American political organizations was aimed at swaying the outcome of the election.

“It’s obvious that the Russians hacked into our campaigns,” McCain said. “But there is no information that they were intending to affect the outcome of our election and that’s why we need a congressional investigation,” he told Reuters.

Congress should investigate, especially if that keeps them from passing more laws. Better to sway the thin reeds of intelligence communication impasse than the thick trunks of legislation.