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A little cartoon explains so much. Sunday I posted the day’s Pearls Before Swine cartoon. I said it “accurately and easily sums up your relationship with the criminal banking industry.”


Pastis, 11/27/16.

That was Sunday. Today, just two days later, Donald Trump started to bring the cartoon to life. Maybe. Perhaps. Just replace “your congressman” with “your president-elect” and “C.E.O.” with “Gary Cohn”.

Trump is possibly considering Cohn, chief gangster President of Goldman Sachs, for an appointment to the Federal Reserve. News also comes that Trump will appoint former Sachs huckster employee Steven Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary.

Yes, that ringing is an alarm bell.

These are two of the “banksters” that I routinely call for driving into the sea. Will we see them instead driven into Washington?

Let me play devil’s advocate here for a second. (And I’m not sure which devil I’m advocating for…) Both Trump and Hillary were and are in DEEP with the banksters. Their relationships are, however, a little different.

Hillary works(ed) for Wall Street and in particular for Goldman. She was their go-to gal in D.C. (and Libya, etc.). They paid her and she did as they said. Trump is (or was) a borrower, a customer to the banks. His business strategy was such that by using insanely large debts he controlled the lenders. They did what he said or he would threaten default and bankruptcy. It actually worked out well for both parties.

Many who analyze these choices seriously may come to those same conclusions. They may say that Hillary, had she been elected, would have worked for her masters, whereas Trump will master them. He may view them as enemies and want them closer than his friends, where he can keep an eye on them. Knowing his unusual associations, this may be true. If so, it could be one of the greatest political power plays in American history. If not, then it could be one of the biggest blunders.

I’m honestly hoping for the former while fearing the latter. I certainly support the concept of “make America great again”. However, my American allegiance is to freedom, not to any candidate or politician. I do not support the money changers.

This will develop into the new year. Time will tell.