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Hello. I hope all of you had a terrific Thanksgiving. How are things at the mall this Black Friday Eve? While you’re fighting over that 80″ HDTV, ponder the following:

I have information from an unverifiable source (!?) that names may begin to drop tomorrow and this weekend in @PizzaGate.

If you don’t know what PizzaGate is, then you’re probably better off not knowing. If you do know, then keep reading. (If you’re part of it, remember that you’re better off with a millstone around your neck).

Now I have no idea what kind of revelations might be coming, if any are really coming at all. The people involved and their … uh … political friends have been extremely depressed and disarranged lately. There may be some under the bus throwing. Or, this could be criminal investigation related.


Pizza, ping-pong, and millstones…

Rumors on that front have proven problematic lately. Of course, the NYPD and the FBI do still have open and active files. So do most agencies in the West.

Police from Canada to Norway to Haiti have been working a web of related cases for a decade. Some few of the hundreds of arrests so far have had slightly political tinges. For example, one of Obama’s (the man with NO scandals) financial supporters, “Boy Bugger” Bean, was arrested in 2014 in Oregon. Then, of course, there was Jeff Epstein. And, just damn him.

Again, there are no guarantees that this is even a story. But, if it is, then it will be extremely interesting. It will also be interesting, if it happens, to see the reaction from the MSM. Remember them? The same group that thinks Jews and Asian porn stars are white supremacists. Yeah.

Happy Thanksgiving! Grab me a Christmas tie if they’re on sale. No clip-ons, please.

PS: I wasn’t going to do an evening post but this one wrote itself. I must admit I’ve been nervously watching for ISIS. And I am THANKFUL there is nothing (direct) to report there.