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Let’s see. I’m on a little vaca for a few days. Posts may be a bit erratic. May dredge up some golden oldies for you.

The news…

Weiner! Hilarious…

Economically, the predictable predictors of doom got it all wrong with BREXIT. Post-BREXIT UK economy is growing, not collapsing as forecast.

Okay. Here’s a personal message for those of you in the Southeastern USA. On I-95 (and several secondaries) the pigs are everywhere. No, not the cops. Well, yes, actually – a lot of police working those quotas. But, this evening, I mean real pigs!

This morning, even before dawn, I saw a horde of wild hogs on the outside medians here and there.


Like these. At least they won’t try to pull you over.

I’ve never seen so many so close to traffic before. Before sunrise I logged maybe 4 hours out there. Saw more hogs than deer. Odd. As I said they’re on the outside (passenger side). I don’t think I can help. Hard to shoot a shotgun through the car, in the dark, while steering, smoking a cigar and drinking coffee. Let me know if you have a trick or something for that.

Don’t really. Vacation and all…

Have a great weekend!