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I write books. Very very slowly I write books. And I promise more. Then I get busy here, with other projects, beating myself up and with just being lazy (like the mighty tiger).

Here’s a recap of what’s STILL in production, hopefully for release this year (then a freebie):

Shape Up America or Perrin’s Fitness Plan or something like that (name subject to change);

Fight Back! Personal Anti-Terrorism Tactics (name subject to change);

The (Fictional) History of Cigars (name probably locked in…). This one may feature, among many other great things, original artwork by yours truly. The collector’s item of our times. The times meaning the future. When I get around to it. Etc.

Additionally I have a ton of ideas and manuscripts in various states of disarray. The pretty darned good success of The Happy Little Cigar Book (buy now!) has me thinking about a Second Addition. Or maybe I could get to Cigar Stories sooner or later. Or maybe I could get off my butt and fix the original Kindle version of THLCB (don’t buy that one, please, still…).

Often overlooked and forgotten is my lovely, little, free e-book, Perrin On Politics:



Click HERE or on the cover picture and instantly have it on your computer. Seriously, the pic above or any word in red. Well, blue on a mobile device… It’s free and worth every penny. And, it always available over on the left in the margin; down at the bottom under “View Full Site” on your phone.

63 pages of wit, wisdom and the tragedy of everything political. They tell me another election is right around the corner. By the growing odor I believe them. This little gem is your election guide – How to Save America – and so forth…

You’ll laugh, cry, and mug like Bert:


Download it now before I revise it and start charging. And y’all know how fast I move with stuff like that…

I hope your Monday was as great as mine. Night, friends.