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Everyone in America is hot and heavy about next month’s Great Quadrennial Black Mass, a.k.a. the election. I am not.

So it is that I was not impressed nor moved to action when the following presented itself on the WP command screen:


There was an “X” on the right side so I judiciously clicked it. You’re all welcome.

I think everyone knows where I stand on this government, government in general, and elections. Big. Waste. Of. Time. Still, I don’t roundly tell everyone not to vote (DON’T VOTE!!!). So I’m not about to encourage the behavior. You’re adults; make up your own minds.

Some celebrities aren’t so confident in your mental abilities. They not only tell you to vote but practically advise you how to vote.


Downey, Jr. and pals – Downey’s Downers. YouTube.

Rock the vote! Vote or die! If you can’t trust a pack of professional liars, drug addicts, drunks, and violent, raging, STD-ridden, serial divorcing idiots, who can you trust?

I do trust one celebrity on the matter: George Carlin:


Carlin / YouTube – one of his best.

As George suggested, there really are no choices now, not even sure-to-fail third parties. News comes even the Libertarian Party is corrupted. More on that later – about the news and a funny story.