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A Pew Survey found that 71% of Americans felt less safe from terrorist attacks than they did 15 years ago. There’s good reason for that. As a philosophical and political matter Americans traded freedom for safety and got neither. As a practical matter there are more terrorists in the country now than there were then.

The poll consensus centered on mass attacks, like 9/11. However, the threat today is likely from small-scale acts like Orlando. ISIS seems to have a lock on the lone-wolf action but al Qaeda wants in. On this anniversary of 9/11, not wanting to be forgotten, the original CIA-created monster reared its internet head.

“As long as your crimes continue, the events of 9/11 will be repeated thousands of times, by the will of Allah. And we will follow you – if you don’t cease your aggression [against us] – until the Day of Judgment…, ” [al-CIA-da leader Ayman Al Zawahiri] says.

Referring to the events of 9/11 as the “blessed raids,” Zawahiri boasts at both the economic and human toll the attacks had on the U.S. which are still felt by Americans today.

According to that poll above he may be right. The U.S. government shows no signs of slowing the aggression. Nor do they seem willing to stem the tide of terror-prone immigrants coming to America. It’s the same or worse in Europe.

The day after Germany admitted concern over 500, or 520, or 880 known terrorists in country, the French one upped their neighbors – they boast of 15,000 known jihadis. If they know, why don’ they act? This is the same government that recently asked the French people to take the new invaders into their homes. Rather than house them, why not deport them all?

The British government has deported at least one “refugee” of late. Passengers on a commercial jet flight from the UK to Italy were treated to a barrage of threats from the handcuffed African man.


Daily Mail, UK.

Charming. Why no-one thought to bash his head in is beyond me. You don’t have to passively accept such behavior at 30,000 feet. At least he was deported. And that reminds me of a story about 9/11 which I shall share sooner or later.

I wonder what percentage of the people would support deporting the politicians?