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Tomorrow is the 15th anniversary of 9/11. The memorials (and celebrations) have already started. Most local observances are relatively honest; they focus on the loss and the valor of the day. The national spectacle is only concerned with furthering the evil agenda of the elite and in keeping the people brainwashed into accepting mythology as reality.

It may not be working. Paul Craig Roberts notes that an increasing number of Americans, many half even, are now skeptical of the official state lie about 9/11. They are joining the ranks of scientists, military and intelligence experts, and those who were actually there in questioning the narrative. The causes given (glossed over really) for the attacks are under new scrutiny also.

The leading publication for the European physics community has already determined the official mechanical explanation for the demise of the WTC is an impossibility. Indeed the official story has become the conspiracy theory. Many want Congress to launch a real investigation.

Those who expect honesty from the House and Senate forget that those entities are owned by certain masters. There will be no new inquiry. There’s too much money at stake now for the truth, as Eric Margolis points out:

Since 2015, the US has dropped at least 32,000 1,000-2,000 lb. bombs on Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan and Afghanistan – all Muslim nations. US bomb inventories are running critically low as arms makers work overtime.

9/11 was a revenge attack conducted by mostly Saudi nationals who claimed they wanted to punish the United States for supporting Israeli oppression of Palestine, and for what they claimed was the US ‘occupation’ of Saudi Arabia.

That’s as much as we really know. We have never gotten the full story about 9/11. The best we can do is ask “qui bono,” who really benefitted from the attacks?

The bombs are somewhat expensive – a Mark 84 costs Uncle Sam about $3,200 – but the real money is in commodities and finance. Most wars are fought strictly to make money for banks.

One wonders where the money will come from in order to keep this insanity going. Well, from the printing press, obviously. But how long can the charade continue? America is worse than bankrupt. Here’s a look at the growth of U.S. debt since the days of Reagan.


And that’s just on-books debt. The true extent of the bankruptcy is much, much worse. So much worse, in fact, that it really can’t be calculated anymore. There is no way to determine how many Trillions (tens of Trillions) of dollars the government is destroying for the banksters.

America’s currency and financial conditions are as obliterated as the official lies behind the modern wars. This leaves aside other policy circuses, foreign and domestic. They are as bad if not worse. How much of this is needed before absolute failure is recognized?

Anyway, on a brighter if blander note, today appears to be college football pud day. You’re team may put up 70+ points. Then again, LSU and MSU last week put a little conspiracy in that theory too.