For having reported last week that I might be done with the sport, I sure had a good time with it this weekend. Well, from Thursday through yesterday. Wait. Is there a game tonight?

The SEC looked ridiculous, surreal almost. It was only week one but half the Conference looked like they were ready to fold for the year. I’m not even sure South Carolina and Vandy actually played. Did anyone score in that one?

Georgia looked good – flat-out good. A solid win over a quality, ranked team was the Smart way to start the Kirby era. Bama looked ready for the NFL. The second-best conferences didn’t seem so second besty…

It may be a very interesting season.

I could ramble on but I thought I might let George Carlin do it for me. Here’s his take on football versus baseball. Note: adult language; it’s Carlin…


“What dooown is it?” Ha! While we’re at it here’s his speech on Americans and war:


A warlike people…

Night all!