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I watched and listened to Donald Trump’s address from Mexico. He spoke honestly about immigration and NAFTA. These remarks would have more useful 22 years ago but at least he said them. He also talked about mutually beneficial issues – from a straightforward American perspective.


NBC News.

Hillary was incensed by the speech and visit:

“You don’t build a coalition by insulting our friends or acting like a loose cannon. You do it by putting in the slow, hard work of building relationships,” the Democratic presidential nominee and former secretary of state said during remarks at the American Legion’s national convention in Cincinnati, referring to her Republican opponent.

Nobody was (or should have been insulted) except for Hillary and the globalists. Trump was far from a loose cannon. She should cheer up. Trump mentioned her in his remarks. Or, I think he did. Something about bodies stacking up because of the cartel. He also praised Hussein “Fast and Furious” Obama for smuggling weapons across the border. It was almost bipartisan.

A little too little and a little too late it seems to me. I still hold that RP 08 was the last chance to cure the cancer. Still, if Trump is sincere and can even partially act on some of this, he may buy us a little time. Time will tell.