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This is interesting, especially for anyone still interested in conventional politics. Really especially interesting for someone planning to participate in the Great Quadrennial Black Mass this November. It even has my attention though for academic and juridical reasons.

The FBI says it has detected security breaches in computerized voting systems in Arizona and Illinois.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Federal Bureau of Investigation has found breaches in Illinois and Arizona’s voter registration databases and is urging states to increase computer security ahead of the Nov. 8 presidential election, according to a U.S. official familiar with the probe.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said on Monday that investigators were also seeking evidence of whether other states may have been targeted.

The FBI warning in an Aug. 18 flash alert from the agency’s Cyber Division did not identify the intruders or the two states targeted.

Reuters obtained a copy of the document after Yahoo News first reported the story Monday.

Accessing information in a voter database, much of which is publicly accessible, does not necessarily suggest an effort to manipulate the votes themselves. When registering, voters typically provide their names, home addresses, driver’s license or identification numbers, and party affiliations.

But U.S. intelligence officials have become increasingly worried that hackers sponsored by Russia or other countries may attempt to disrupt the presidential election.

Of course, blame Russia. Always Russia. It is entirely possible the hacks came from or through Russia but that does not mean Vladimir Putin or anyone else in the government had anything to do with them. Putin has enough to do trying to maintain the last vestiges of traditional life in his country against the onslaught of neo-Jacobin globalists. I sincerely doubt he cares which way the final elections of the former United States go.

To blame Russia seems self-serving for the corrupt power-mongers of Washington. Many in their ranks still see an opportunity to drag the Bear down with the rest of civilization. Others, sensing Slavic resistance to domination, want an outright war with Russia. Those are crazy enough to risk electoral security in an attempt to frame Putin. Your vote is a small price to pay.

And, remember, your vote really, truly means nothing. It is at beast a steering suggestion for the real electoral process. In an alternative universe every single voter will write in Gary Johnson only to see one of the major party shills elected.

This issue isn’t new. The FBI notes that there are existing cases of tampering with various state systems. Homeland Security sees it as a problem. However, the golfer in chief has flippantly brushed it all off as he does most problems.


Who you gonna trust here? Walt Disney.

That a government agency is ringing the bell here seems itself troubling to me. The government is already: a leading cause of terrorism in the world;  the largest drug dealer in the world; one of the largest illegal weapons suppliers in the Western Hemisphere, and; one of the largest traffickers of internet pornography in the U.S. Why, then,wouldn’t they also be the largest threat to their own crooked elections?

And that’s all there is to it. Br’er Fox is concerned about Br’er Wolf’s possible meddling in the scheme which, either way, will result in the election of Br’er Bear. None of these parties are trustworthy.

Yet and still, the people are a dizzy, preparing their sacrifices for Black Tuesday. I wish them well. When and if something does go wrong, they can always blame the Russians.

Those of you 100 or 1,000 years hence, please take note of this corruption. Please do not repeat the mistakes of the past. Assuming you are reading this, at least we didn’t go through with a war with Russia. Hope remains?