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In less than three months the American people (well, maybe 57% of 50% of them) will participate in the Great Quadrennial Black Mass of political theater. The odor reaches new depths of nauseam.

The saying goes that every vote counts. It does if one is a member of the electoral college. Otherwise, no vote counts. Please explain to me how your voting for Hillary will swing California’s 55 or Florida’s 29? Actually, please don’t. You just go and do your part for … democracy and such. There is a general relation between popular, voting and electoral. But it is uncertain and insignificant.

So too is the election itself. The significant changes occurred long ago and it is certain the powers will have they way after this November – for a little while longer.

Still, there is a sport and a fandom, an exciting spirit exhibited this time of the political season. Hey, people love a rodeo despite the copious bullshit (literal is that case).

The Atlantic, already looking forward to Hillary’s coronation, is already beginning the whiny defense of America’s first bitch (their word) president. I couldn’t make it through the whole article but it seems they are afraid some unenlightened folks don’t like Old Cankles just because she’s old and cankley. Or because she’s a woman. They seem to forget her record of failed policy. Her warmongering. Her felonious neglect. The private cemetery full of previous associates. “R.I.P. Another Suicide…”

Pat Buchanan offers, as usual, a better perspective. Fervor and pomp aside, there are serious issues at stake for the people. And there is still time for a surprise or two.

Fred Reed sees beyond the election, beyond the popular nonsense, to the coming rectification of calamity. Things are now in motion which no election and no candidate can cure. If America took out a Craigslist ad for a Man on Horseback, nobody has yet answered.

Yesterday I toyed with the maps at 270towin. Based on my modeling I still foresee a narrow Trump victory. It matters not. A Trump win will signify that a slight majority of voters have an undefined desire to return to some vague idea of civility, maybe even prosperity. It will mean a short time of false hope. The ship has sailed; it now flounders.

A Clinton win herald the end. It will represent the stacks and masts going below the waterline. In a way that would be best. Then, in short order once the hulk hits the seabed, any survivors can build America 2.0. Or, they might likely accept a healthy Balkanization of the old territory. Necessarily moving on in any case. Some have prepared and are now manning the lifeboats. The rest will shortly meet with Davy Jones. All their choices.


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Time will tell. And the time is short. Logical recourse gave way to hope, plausible then delusional. Now comes the reckoning.

The day after the electoral votes are tallied (and your vote discarded) I may post a state of the state memorandum for what it’s worth. Not much… Just maybe.Perchance. After the stench clears, at any rate.