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CBS New York reports that an Imam and his friend were gunned down yesterday upon leaving a Queens Mosque. Details are few, yet the NYPD says they have surveillance video of the shooter. It will be interesting to find out his identity and motives. I have a theory that THEY will probably try to make this story die quietly just like the Central Park bombing this summer and the Viernheim  shooting (still nothing).


Photo by boldizsar csernak.

A disgruntled member of the mosque, or a rival ideologue, or a common street thug would not help the narrative. If (good chance) this Imam and/or mosque comes back with ties to ISIS or some other group, that will be hushed up too.

As is, the same Mohammedans who are notoriously silent whenever one of theirs slaughters a Priest at Mass, or shoots up a nightclub, or runs people down by the truckload, etc., etc., are now (immediately) screaming about a hate crime. They say they don’t feel safe now. They gather in the street to demand justice. I have an easy solution to calm their fears: Get. Out.

Hate crimes. Safety. Justice. Tell US about it.


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