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Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm once told a fable about a wolf who tricked his way into an old goat’s house in order to get at her children. Upon leaving the family home the mother goat warned her kids not to open the door to strangers. The wolf used chalk to sooth his husky voice and dough and flour to make his black paw more goat-like. The miller from whom he procured the flour was onto him but, cowed by threats, gave in any way. The kids requested to see the wolf’s paw at the window. Thanks to the miller’s work it appeared white and goat-ish. The disguise and the ruse worked. The kids let the wolf inside their home and he ate them.

Photo: wikia.com.

Earlier today I wrote a short piece about the rising attacks on Christians in Europe by immigrant “refugees” of Islamic persuasion. I once again called out the nefarious political thugs running Europe into the ground, into the grave.

Then, I read a most remarkable story, a story of pure evil. Worse than the tale of The Wolf and the Seven Kids.

As more and more invaders pour into France and Europe, the “refugee” housing centers are all overwhelmed. Little thought is given to the terror and the devastating changes these marauders bring with them. Room must be found for them! Incredibly, Housing minister Emmanuelle Cosse is begging the French people to take their future conquerors into their homes.

Some people are actually letting in the invaders. Perhaps Cosse is like the miller, being threatened into betraying his people for the sake of villainy. Has no mother warned against opening the door to predators? Or, did the warning fall on deaf ears?

These wolves don’t even bother with a disguise. And this is no fairy tale.