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As if the emails, fundraising, felony-dodging, Jew-bashing (was that just part of the Bernie bashing?), terrorist courting, and other shenanigans weren’t enough, a Hillary delegate pretty much admitted that the Democrats want an outright ban of firearms and a deletion of the Second Amendment. She also admitted they think the people are stupid.

“Saying you want to ban guns altogether, that’s going to piss everybody off,” the Clinton alternate delegate, Mary Bayer, told a Project Veritas reporter.

Instead, Bayer revealed, Democrats use “moderate” language when it comes to guns to obscure their true purpose, a complete elimination of the Second Amendment.

“You have to take that sort of moderate… ‘We just wanna have common sense legislation so our children are safe!’” Bayer told the reporter, adding, “You say shit like that, and then people will buy into it.”

At least she called it what it is – “sh!t” that’s going to p!ss everybody off. Just tell lies and the people will buy it…

For the record, I don’t think Hillary gives a flip about the Second Amendment one way or the other. There’s no bribe …er… nothing in it for her. It’s some of the carnival sideshow nuts in the party that keep pushing gun control (you know, “sh!t like that”).


The DNC knows it is in deep trouble this cycle. Come November the diehards and the gun grabbers are in for a rude awakening – something akin to what the Trump supporters will know in a few years.

Just remember, the Second Amendment was included in the Constitution to protect the people against this exact breed of political low-life.