Report: 1 killed in shooting at Munich shopping mall, CNN.

Several Dead, Daily Mail.

A video grab of the scene around the Olympia shopping centre in the district of Moosach of Munich

Hey Europe, tired of this yet? Daily Mail.

The gunman opened fire and then fled. That’s all we know at this point.

The burning question – in the week when a radicalised Afghani teen tried to murder five people with an axe and a knife aboard a train in Bavaria – is whether the gunman is a Jihadist.

Heaven forfend! It must have been a workplace violence incident or an NRA nut gone Rambo or something. Not Islamic terrorism. No, not in Germany – the land of open arms and gun control. Regardless of what really happened, I’m sure Merkle will declare they need even more terrorist imports ASAP.

***What would you DO if you were in a mall and someone started shooting? In short order I will be publishing a GUIDE to assist you in case of such a dreadful predicament.***