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The following story kind of torpedoes the sayings: “If you ain’t done nothing wrong, you ain’t got nothing to worry about,” and “Comply with the officer’s commands”.

Watch the video:

NORTH MIAMI, FLA. (WSVN) – A therapist who works at a group home for the disabled is still in shock after a North Miami Police officer shot him, but according to the Police Union president, that officer may have been aiming for someone else.

Thursday afternoon, the North Miami Police Department released a statement saying that officer has been placed on administrative leave. They have yet to identify the officer but they described him as a 30-year-old Hispanic male who has been with the department for four years.

Protesters gathered outside the North Miami Police Headquarters with signs and questions about how an unarmed man with his hands up could be shot by police.

Cellphone video was released Wednesday afternoon showing of Charles Kinsey lying on the ground with his hands in the air, telling officers that weapons are not necessary. Police were summoned to the scene by a 911 caller on Monday saying someone was armed and suicidal.


Good deed getting punished. News 7 Miami.

Based on the video, I wonder who the hell the other person they were shooting at was. The mentally challenged man playing with (armed with) the toy truck?

This man was doing his job, a very compassionate job. He wasn’t doing anything wrong. He shouldn’t have had anything to worry about. There was no danger (other than from the cops) at the scene. The man did exactly as instructed and remained calm, trying both to de-escalate the officers and to help his charge. The police said they were trying to save him … so they shot him.

All this happened because some busybody called 911 – a practice that gets a lot of innocent people beaten, body-slammed, tazed, shot, hospitalized and murdered. Calling 911 is talking to the police. One should NEVER do that. In addition to giving the police something to use against the caller (anything you say can and will be used against you…) and it gets people shot, etc.

Luckily, the good Samaritan lived. It appears he will recover and be compensated for his almost being murdered. The special needs man with the toy truck appears to be okay. Very lucky. The specific officer who opened fire should be in prison. The police department should be disbanded.