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So often we in the freedom movement have to sit back, reassess, and deal with another loss and heartbreak: Ron Paul is never going to be President; the gold standard is a thing of the past; the gun grabbers keep coming back like Russian wolves in a savage winter. Then something like this happens …


They did it. If one looks at the polling maps it becomes clear – the peasants rose up and told London, Brussels, Washington, and the rest of the globalist elites to “bugger off!”

BloombergBloomberg. The map shows it was the urban areas that supported the EU. I think that Ireland and Scotland will come around as things improve. If not, I support their independence as well, even if that means foolishly surrendering it back to the EU.

And, off they’ll bugger. David Cameron has announced he will resign by October so that Britain may have a British Prime Minister – likely Boris Johnson.


I’d pick Farage as the next PM. BBC.

The fear-mongers may be right in the very short term. The DOW futures are down 500+ points right now. There may be growing pains but this is a CORRECTION – that’s what happens. The excesses of EU stupidity need to be corrected. I predict in a few years Britain will be head and shoulders above the Continent. The invader … “refugees” should start packing now; the Caliphate will not include the British Isles. “Lord” Rothschild and his evil brood need to follow them out.

It’s a great time for the English! May this serve as inspiration for other oppressed peoples. I don’t just mean in Europe. In addition to FREXIT and GEREXIT, how about TEXIT, GAEXIT, and NHEXIT!

God save the Queen! God save England!