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Today, while people in Britain pondered BREXIT, people in Viernheim, Germany tried to take in The Jungle Book at the local cinema. Their plans were interrupted.

A gunman was shot dead by police in Germany on Thursday after he attempted to take several people hostage in a cinema.

In what appeared to be a remarkable police operation, none of the hostages were injured.

The German authorities said the gunman, who has not been identified, was “disturbed” and there was no initial evidence of a link to terrorism.

But police were reportedly investigating an explosive vest and a hand grenade found on his body to see if they were genuine.

There was no word on the hostage-taker’s ethnicity or background. Witnesses described him as being between 18 and 25 years old.

He was armed with a “rifle or long gun” and reportedly fired four shots in the air as he entered the cinema in Viernheim, a small town south of Frankfurt.

The good news is twofold: no innocents were killed; the shooter was. Multiple media sources (not many in the U.S. though) were adamant the shooter, while not yet identified, had no initial ties to terrorist organizations. Just a man with a suicide vest, a grenade, and a rifle. Just a disturbed man of unknown origins on a shooting spree.

Someone should relay this story to John Lewis and his idiot friends currently occupying the House floor in support of gun control. That way they can urge the Germans to adopt “common sense” gun control. There obviously isn’t any restriction on firearms in Jerry-Land or else this incident could not have happened.

Some good guys with guns who stopped a bad guy with a gun. Telegraph/Facebook.

Oh wait… Germany has some of the strictest gun control measures in the world. Modern efforts to disarm citizens dates to 1919 and the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler was a huge proponent of gun control – for certain people. Post-WWII, the East Germans found themselves under Stalinesque tyranny, including more gun controls. The current German Weapons Act came into effect in the 1970s and has been getting more restrictive as time goes by. Germany is also the only place in the world where those seeking a (hard-to-get) firearms permit must undergo psychiatric examination. That’s one of the insane ideas the American left has thrown around at their child-like sit-ins. None of it worked today.

Germany has also recently welcomed over 1 Million third-world “refugees”. The country is a hot-bed of terrorist ideology and action. The way I see this attack: it was either an ISIS hit gone awry, and/or: it was a failure of German gun control. Either way it won’t help the intellectual descendants of Hitler and Stalin in their attempt to create unarmed subjects out of armed, law-abiding citizens.