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In their quest to foist more gun control on the people, the New York Times regularly manipulates gun data just as they manipulate book sales data for their list of “bestsellers”.

Last week, the New York Times featured its latest article implying that the United States has the highest homicide rates in the “developed” world — defining any other country with a higher homicide rate as somehow unfit for comparison to the United States.

This is a common tactic among gun control advocates who make claims such as “the US has the highest homicide rate of any developed country.” The qualifier “developed” is then manipulated to make the US seem like a freakish outlier. As I’ve explained here, this common tactic requires a lot of cherry picking of data and ignores the way that many American states — many of which have few gun control laws — have some of the world’s lowest homicide rates.

— Ryan McMaken, Mises, 6/20/2016.

Gun grabbers always resort to lies and lying statistics.