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A crazy man in Israel tried to get a restraining order against God. I did not make this up.

The unnamed Haifa resident, pro se, “argued that over a three-year period God, had exhibited a seriously negative attitude toward him, although details of just what divine mischief he had borne the brunt of were not mentioned in the report.” Previously the man sought assistance from the local police, who instead chose to conduct welfare checks at the man’s home.

The judge denied the petition and suggested the man needs help from “other resources”. That probably means from a shrink. If psychology isn’t behind the man’s problems then he should consult his Torah and the trials of Job. Sometimes bad things happen to good people but rarely without greater reason.

This story illustrates a growing philosophical trouble in America, in Europe, and it seems in Israel. Modern people are placing inordinate faith in government – replacing the authority of God with that of the state. It is rightly the other way around. Positive law flows from the Natural Law which is a divine construct. God is originally behind all of our attempts to legislate and govern (some attempts truer, sounder than others). This would include courts and restraining orders. Heck, it includes the surrounding greater universe too.

The old maxim is “let justice be done, though the heavens fall” not “let Heaven fall forĀ justice”.