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April 15th, Tax Day. Well, I hear they moved the date to the 18th this year but the 15th, today, is the traditional deadline to file returns with the IRS. Yesterday in eerily timed oral arguments in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit Judge David Sentelle said, “It’s hard to find the IRS to be an agency we can trust.” The Case is True the Vote v. IRS, ___ F.3d ___, No. 14-5316 (D.C. Cir., April 14, 2016).

True and several other Tea Party groups sued the IRS for violating their civil rights. Throughout the proceedings the IRS has maintained the same disdain and arrogance they show to any ordinary taxpayer (maybe you have had the lovely experience). Except, this time, they unnerved two federal judges presiding over the arguments. At least the IRS is consistent.

The “masters of the universe” attitude, arrogance, and obstruction the IRS is famous for earned them the title of “untrustworthy”. The only word to describe them better is “evil”. Remember that next time your fill out their forms or meet with your CPA.

Now, go pay your taxes!