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Rush has been broadcasting for years and years now. When he first started I was a fan. He was honest, provocative and entertaining. He preached a message of macho conservatism in support of Ronald Reagan’s philosophy and heir, G.H.W. Bush. Bush turned out to be a horrible flop. In retrospect Reagan was too. Conservatives always forget about Reagan’s debt and government expansion, his gun control and immigration amnesty. Bill Clinton’s two terms were the best things that ever happened to Rush; he had something to shoot at and shoot he did.

Then something funny happened. Rush’s Republican party won everything. Oddly, the country continued to slide. Turns out Republicans govern just as poorly as Democrats. Rush finally settled into the role of GOP cheerleader – the squad captain. He praised Bush for doing things he had criticized Clinton for. He lost me.

Some things never change. Today Rush is of the party and for the party. The candidates don’t really matter that much, the voters certainly don’t. Consider what happened to the Republican (non) primary in Colorado. The state party decided to forgo an election and just pick Ted Cruz. Voters are not happy. Rush is fine with the process because it is from the party and for the party. Ted Cruz Isn’t Cheating, He’s Winning, according to Rush.  Click the link to read the transcript from Rush’s show today (or not – probably not).

Like the old bumper sticker said, “Rush is right”. He is. I said basically the same thing this morning. The Colorado GOP is, like the party in general, a private club. They can set their rules and procedures as they like. I think what happened is pathetic and an indication of how pitiful things are in the body politic. Rush is just happy a Republican won something Republican. Republican.

In that transcript you didn’t read Rush notes that when the GOP does something like this it is not cheating, just procedural. However, he points out that when the Democrats do the exact same thing, benefiting Hillary over Bernie, that is cheating. We can succinctly sum up Rush’s entire career: Democrats, bad; Republicans, good. Like any cheerleader he fights hard for his team.

And, that is all it is: teams in a stupid, stupid game played by the lowest dregs America has to offer. It will not change except that it will get worse. Go ahead and cheer…er…vote for your team – if they let you.

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