Oh government, government, useless, evil government. Here are just a very few stories (all from this week) that highlight the utterly meaningless, often deadly plague that is the state.

First, its not always about the government itself. Every four years the people get all worked up about hollow suit, puppet candidates offered in rigged and pointless elections. The owners, not the people, select and control the candidates, the parties, the elections and the policies. David Stockman put together a short list of these supervillains (mostly bankers). They and their puppets care nothing about you.

At all levels and in all departments corruption is rampant in government. Government is corruption. Real criminals are in charge or exhalted. Innocent people are treated like criminals.

The U.S. has the largest prison population, both per capita and by sheer numbers, in the world. More than 2 million citizens are behind bars. Many, maybe most, did nothing more than violate laws that should not exist in a civilized society. Others took plea deals on charges that probably could not be proven. Many thousands are locked up for no reason other than prosecutorial fraud. Will Grigg has a great piece about the plight of so many wrongfully convicted persons.

American “justice” is a joke. When a high-ranking government official misuses classified information that likely got other Americans killed, that official is not only shielded from prosecution, but put on the owner’s short list of presidential hopefuls. Illegals and terrorist pour across pourous borders and are welcomed with open arms and open taxpayer wallets.

Ordinary Americans trying to make a political point are treated like Hitler’s inner circle. Following LaVoy Finicum’s mob-style execution by stormtroopers, 16 of his “militia” associates were arrested on bogus federal charges, none sanctioned by the Constitution. Thankfully, the charges, as reported, are relatively minor.

Unfortunately, the “justice” process is demonstrating corruption before it even starts. Last year I described the non-defense and the railroading in the Boston bombing federal trial. At least there was a trial. The Bundy “gang” has so far been robbed of Due Process

Indictments were returned without any input or assertion of defense. This is normal these days. Once the last check against malicious prosecution, grand juries are now just a tool the government uses, exclusively, to get what it wants. The defendants have no say. Nominally independent and self-governing, the grand jury almost always dies the prosecutor’s bidding without question. What is unusual here is that the U.S. Magistrate Judge has sealed the indictments and did not allow the defendants to even be present when they returned – despite the defendants already being conveniently in custody. 

The judge’s actions are likely a violation of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. Not that rules or laws matter anymore. I wonder if these people will have the luxury of arraignment on the charges. Heck, why not just dispense with the antiquated process known as the trial. They don’t even need be present for sentencing. Just let them remain in jail until their too old and frail to protest anymore. President Hussein Obama announced he would be cracking down on home grown extremists (you know, with no actual terrorists to worry about). Maybe this is his starting point.

Of course the police can just shoot and kill suspects and avoid the whole process. They can also shoot and kill non suspects, bystanders, victims, pets and anyone else. They do. A North Carolina man was recently murdered by the police when he asked them to produce a search warrant. They didn’t have one – or need one. After they shot him (unarmed) four times in the back while he was lying face down and already tased, the proceeded with their search. As often happens the search revealed nothing. The good news is the government again got its way.

It’s not all about crimes either. They want your money. They need your money locked up in the owner’s possession to prop up the failing and criminal monetary system. I have written before that moving around your own cash makes you a suspect. Banks and other businesses handling money have a legal duty to file reports about “suspicious” transactions even when there’s no suspicion. Now the Fed’s want the banks to immediately call the police when you take your money from the bank. Those reports take a month or more to process. With a quick call the local police can intercept you before you leave the bank. This already happened to a successful rapper in Atlanta. Then the cops can shoot you or just rob you through something known as “asset forfeiture.” The money will roundaboutly make it back to the Banksters. Reverse bank robbery courtesy of your friends in government.

Wait, there’s more! Your government spies on you when it’s not shooting or robbing you. Now foreign states want in. “British and U.S. officials have been negotiating a plan that could allow British authorities to directly serve wiretap orders on U.S. communications companies in criminal and national security inquiries, U.S. officials confirmed Thursday.” The redcoats are coming!

They’ll get what they want too. They say American citizens’ information will be screened out. I say they’re lying. And, didn’t we once go to a lot of trouble to be rid of London? It’s really no big deal. An outfit as sophisticated as MI6 can surely obtain this information covertly. They already do as a matter of fact. This measure is probably just for sanitizing certain situations – like the legal mess between American and British banks over the hundreds of billions of dollars stolen from Libya a few years back.

Anyway, I hope you found this a refreshing halftime interruption. Back to the game. Tomorrow get back to the election show. We have to give a little legitimacy to the criminal syndicate government.


Not far from the truth.