I love watching the approach of a good storm and I always have. The sky darkens, the wind blows, and a host of somber, threatening textures and colors ravage the moving airs. It’s fascinating stuff. If I can I watch until the rain and lightning start. There’s an element of danger. Lightening and winds pose the very real possibility of damage. It’s the lightening that will run me inside at the last.

Human affairs often mimic nature. I have observed the coming and going of many storms, political, economic, and societal. There’s a big one brewing at present. I have been watching it for a few years now. This one behaves funny. It ebbs and flows on the horizon without yet striking in force. It gathers strength. I discern a counterclockwise rotation of tremendous magnitude.

Little (and not so small) signs of the storm are everywhere. Here are two I saw just this week.

The official lie is that our economy is as strong as ever. Odd, then, we are meeting most indicators of a recession. The official liars never call a recession until it’s about six months old. Considering the fact the was no recovery – only a postponing – from the last financial crisis one wonders what happen once this one breaks.

2016 hasn’t been the best year for Wall Street so far. Actually it looks rather poor for all markets around the world. Even the establishment hacks begin to murmur of bubbles – everywhere.

If the financial gurus notice the clouds, the self-absorbed idiot politicians do not. Their psychotic fantasies turn into more storm clouds for the rest of us.

Two days ago Hussein Obama, who swore an oath to uphold the law, vowed to break the law in his quest to rid America of phantom gun violence. That’s the cycle of government business: find a non issue and declare it a problem; solve the non-problem in a way that creates new problems; offer to solve those; repeat repeatedly.

Master politicians like Hussein like to roll multiple problem-solutions together for maximum effect and damage. In the same week he proposed breaking the law in order to encroach on gun rights the President has announced he wants to house illegal immigrants at various military bases around the country.

Hussein el Obama is charged legally to deport illegal invaders. By ignoring the law he becomes the law. Like a weepy king or something.

Obama has made it clear he wants more foreigners in America, legal or not – especially those sharing his Muslim heritage.

His plans make sense in a perverted way. Housing illegal invaders at military bases will theoretically make it logistically easier for the likes of MS 13 and ISIS to obtain weapons for their respective campaigns against America. At the same time Americans will be disarmed making them much softer targets. If the idea is to wreck the country, then this is a brilliant strategy.

Add to that the economy and overall societal decay and you have a magnificent supercell.  Enjoy the spectacle if you can but do mind the lightning and the winds.