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America is under assault from Islamic terrorism. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the murderous rampage in San Bernardino. The FBI, almost reluctantly, has opened a terrorist investigation over the attack. It almost seems like an afterthought.

First, Loretta Lynch (does her name need a trigger warning?), head of the Justice [SIC] Department, which includes the FBI, announced she would prosecute any American who encourages violence against Muslims. Why threaten us first? As far as I know, no one has called for violence against any Muslims other than those involved in terrorism. In other times they would have been referred to as the enemy.

I suppose we are the enemy now of this debased government. While there are occasions when free speech ceases to be free, they are rare. A call for violence must be reasonably calculated to incite immediate violent, unlawful action before it may be considered criminal. It’s a tenuous standard at best. Not that that matters to Lynch. Her goal is to silence opposition against the regime’s plan to turn America into a burning third world wreck.

The federal government doesn’t like you and your freedom – especially your free speech aimed at it. In this former land of the free, people are being charged with felonies just for handing out pamphlets about the truth. The government finds the truth inconvenient.

If the First Amendment is a threat to the government, then the Second is extremely dangerous to them and just as critical for us. Gun violence has been falling nationwide for years except in “gun free zones.” Soft targets are easy targets. California is a model for the type of control the gun grabbers harp about for the rest of the country. It’s a model that doesn’t work. The UK is virtually gun free (the free people are gun free at least). That didn’t stop some ISIS bastard from attacking people on a London subway yesterday. Paris has stringent gun control too.

These facts are some of the inconvenient truths which hinder the government’s plans. Never one daunted by reality, President Obama tells us more gun regulations will deter terrorism. The fool says this as he simultaneously creates more terrorists abroad and imports as many of them as he can to the States. He’s scheduled to address the nation on these issues. He’ll probably blame you. He’s at war with us. It only makes sense he wants to disarm his enemies.

President Barack Obama speaks about college education, Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014, in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on the White House complex in Washington. The event which is to promote opportunities for students to attend and finish college and university, was attended by college and university presidents and leaders from nonprofits, foundations, governments and businesses. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak) ** Usable by LA and DC Only **

President Obama: “Blah, blah, blah, blah. Your fault!” Google.

In the government’s eyes it is your fault the terrorists are so mean. They would behave if you weren’t so bigoted. Any bad thing that happened is your fault. It is not the fault of those who carried it out. You have too many scary guns. You say too many truthful facts. You don’t care enough. You don’t pay enough. Your fault, all of it.

In fact, any of this only becomes your responsibility if you go along with the official lies and destructive programs. Obama boldly states his lies. Where are all the Republican candidates on these issues? They’re in their pathetic poll-based fantasy world calculating. We can take their silence as either disinterest or approval.

Elsewhere a few leaders dare tell the truth. They deserve credit. Sheriff Arpio of Arizona is calling the armed citizenry to vigilance. So is the police chief of Detroit. Opposition leaders in France are riding the wave of anti terrorism to victory. These few are putting their people first and the enemy last – or the enemy dead.

Like it or not a war is underway. Pick your side. Choose freedom and be free. Choose the government and what happens will be your fault.