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I don’t think I would trade living in these crazy times for anything (maybe 7th Century Switzerland?). Things are so entertaining as to almost defy belief.

First, a little news from here. Last month was the biggest and best month in blog history. Thank you, all! My fledgling YouTube channel also appears off to a good start – in spite of the technical limitations. Sales of the HLCB have already exceeded my expectations and another, non-cigar book release is imminent. Great things are ahead.

Elsewhere, entertainment value aside, things look topsy-turvy at best.

A month has yet to pass since the devastating yet predictable terrorist attacks in Paris. The attackers were “refugees” brought in by the deluded “leaders” of the West. It is widely acknowledged there is no way to separate the terrorists from the oppressed. The lesson learned? Hell, let’s bring in more of both!

It’s like playing chicken with a semi. It may be fun if you survive but if you don’t, you don’t.

Since the attacks the U.S. alone has received 132 Syrian “refugees.” Every one of them is a Muslim. I have nothing against Muslims per se but they, especially these, have a demonstrated animosity towards the West. There are Christians in Syria. Are they unaffected by the war? Most of the 132 are young, healthy males (of fighting age). What about the families they leave behind? Maybe they hang out safe with the Christians.

President Obama tells us it is our moral obligation to support the “refugees” – at the same time he carries out insane policies which help create them. Why is it only us with the obligation? Why only the West?

According to Amnesty International, since the beginning of the Syrian civil war Saudi Arabia has not accepted a single Syrian refugee. Neither has Kuwait. Neither has Qatar. Neither has the United Arab Emirates. These nations are absolutely swimming in money, and yet they have slammed the door on these desperately needy Islamic refugees. So what precisely does that tell us?

Saudi Arabia Refuses To Take Even A Single Syrian Refugee, Michael Snyder,  November 29th, 2015.

In addition to the money, the Saudis have the resources. They have empty refugee centers which could house all of the affected people. And, they are closer to Syria too.


Who are these centers for? Google.

China and Japan are wealthy countries and yet they seem to shirk their obligations. Why? Maybe it’s because they don’t want or need terrorism at home.

Vox Day notes the hand wringing of the left over the refugees’ plight once they reach the West and are not welcomed with open arms or as conquerors. What world do these people live in?

Obama and his cohorts (except from France now) are oblivious to the effects of the invasion. That, or they support it. Instead they continue to push fascist gun control and communism masked as climate change reform in order to address problems that just don’t exist.

It’s fascinating and it would be funny if it were not deadly serious. How much longer will the people continue to support these suicidal fantasies? History, as a guide, isn’t too encouraging.