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Last week I posted a short bit about an odd, illegal police shooting in Atlanta. I caught a little flak from readers – mostly over the “innocent” nature of the subject home invasion and aggravated assault.

I saw the story as further proof of the American police state (no longer a theory nor “emerging”).

Nonetheless, I recognize some folks will support the police no matter what. Some have a love affair with government. Some see government as a god. These same people sometimes sport “Support Our Troops” bumper stickers and similar ornaments. Strangely, these same people usually view other parts of the state as dangerous – but they love the heavily armed parts. Weird, I know.

Such is the love and admiration for government troops that some will even take up arms to guard the very troops who supposedly guard the guards. Confusing, I realize. It gets even murkier when one considers that the endangering element from which the guards must be guarded was created by and imported by the government. No mind. The troops must be supported no matter what. Even when they, like the police, invade your property without cause and hold you at gun point. Read this:

Texas Air Force Personnel Detain Dove Hunters on Private Property



On Tuesday, the opening day of dove season in Texas, six hunters were detained by base personnel while traveling through private farmland adjacent to the base. The property was leased by the company that organized the hunt, Wildlife Systems, and had been used previously for hunting. Despite that, 17th Training Wing Security Forces entered the property and detained the hunting party—which reportedly also included the property owner.

“On a farm field that we lease that’s adjacent to the Base, surrounded by a security fence, they swarmed our group of 6 hunters, made them lay on their belly, spread eagle, for almost 30 minutes at gunpoint, two of them on asphalt in almost 100 degree temps and would not let them move, with our hunters pleading with them. One was laying in a red ant bed and they would not let him move.”

Base officials later stated that the hunters were detained because they were believed to be a threat, especially due to their proximity to the base. After it was determined that the hunters were only after doves, base officials said they were promptly released.

  • Outdoorhub.com.

I read the comments which accompanied this story. Roughly half were rightly indignant. The other half expressed unwaivering, religious support for the state’s criminal actors. In the clouded eyes of the latter group, dove hunting on your own land is akin to terrorism and worthy of assault or worse. Nothing must offend the (very sensitive) god-king.

I immediately thought this was a Posse Comitatus Act violation. The PCA forbids, under criminal penalties, the use of the federal military for civil law enforcement. Upon further consideration I realized this was just a case of law breaking, rather than enforcement. The MPs or “base personnel” are just guilty of trespassing and felony kidnapping.

They will not be published. One does not punish the god-king of the state. All those wacky laws, as applied to the government, are null and void. Even the revered Constitution has fallen:

“So you’re a Constitutionalist? We’ve had problems with this before!”

Long Valley, CA — Last month, the Feinman family was driving through a constitutionally questionable interstate checkpoint. This checkpoint is not on the US/Mexican border; it is along Highway 395N between California and Nevada.

When driving through these in-country checkpoints, you are not required to answer the agent’s questions (usually starting with “Are you a United States citizen?”). Nor are you required to consent to any searches.

Please note this story occurred in the United States not in Nazi Germany. The foolish family asserted their rights as free people and were promptly seized and arrested. The criminal state agents noted they had prior problems with Constitutionalists which means they have a problem with the Constitution – at least the parts concerning individual liberty.

To the sane among us it is patently obvious there is no legal protection in this country for us or our freedoms. The insane, the stupid, the craven will support the police, the troops, the government unto the bitter end. Something has to give.

The moral of the story is: support the government or they will invade your property, shoot your dog, and throw you to the ants.