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This has turned into a very busy summer with a few Technical troubles. Please forgive all the re-posts and links, like those hereafter.

Eric Peters predicts that the imminent end of free driving in the United States. I think he is right:

Rise of the Google Car.


Eric Peters. I love his link to Red Barchetta, live in 1980. If you understand the inclusion, you see the problem.

The People will absolutely love the “freedom” gained by this loss of freedom. They will be free to get high, sleep, keep up with the Kartrashions, etc. while a computer decides their fate on the highways. Brilliant!

Lately, the folks have been busy waving flags, both of the rainbow and ancient martial varieties. The government rodents and their masters have been busy too. While the factions feuded Congress and Obama bowed lower to the New World Order, passing the latest nefarious trade act. Greece and Europe are falling into fiscal oblivion. China’s economy mirrors the West of 1929. The NYSE stopped trading due to a “glitch.” The sky hangs by a thread.

The good news, joining these stories together, is that the Collapse will necessarily hamper the drive to neuter drivers. There’s associated bad news but, hey, when the time comes the system will prepare a lovely diversion for that too.