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A long time ago I penned a column called The Great American Flag Flap (I think).  It was published somewhere and I think it was about the attempt of various rednecks to anger blacks by flying the Confederate Battle Flag.   Maybe I have the parties backwards.  It was about nonsense nonetheless.

It has come to my attention that there currently rages across the land a new flag-related issue.  This time it concerns the American Flag.  Maybe you’ve heard the news. A group of black (???) students at a Georgia University (always in Georgia, God help us…) decided to walk on the U.S. Flag in protest of … something.  There’s a lot to protest in Amerika today.  I fully understand that.

Those students have drawn considerable protest of their protest.  Also, other students (?) elsewhere have started threading on flags.

flag beard

(Here some bearded yahoo stands on the Flag for something… WDTN.com.)

By the letter of the law (in a book somewhere) this activity is illegal flag desecration. However, the courts have consistently ruled that flag walking (burning, etc.) is free speech protected by the First Amendment.  Remember the First Amendment?  The Constitution?  Rule of law and all that???

I call this post The LESSER American Flag Flap for a reason.  The fact is, all things considered, flag trampling does not overly concern me.  Some of my friends on Facebook see it otherwise.  I have received several requests to condemn these flag protests as a dire threat to everything America allegedly stands for.  I understand this but I am still not concerned.

The protest protesters say things like the following.  Cleetus from Heehaw Junction, West Virginia says, “that thar flag stands for the men who died for our freedoms!”  Lucy Lou from South Hick, Mississippi screams, “theys don’t understand what we has been through as democratic peoples!”  Jethro from the upstate of New York avers: “We have a flag for a democrats.  The country needs a hero.  Yous guys needs to know that the service of the armed forces means more work here.  The terrorists are everywhere!” Well said, Jethro.

I disagree with all of these statements though I respect the sentiment behind them all – except Jethro’s – not sure what he’s rambling about.

Here’s my problem.  Right now, we have a government hell bent on taxing and regulating our people into the grave.  The same government wants to bomb and invade all other peoples on earth.  The police run around murdering people SS style.  There are no jobs.  The children can’t read or eat.  We are beset with hoards of illiterate invaders who are determined to obtain every benefit the welfare office offers.  Bridges are collapsing.  James Brown is dead.  Amidst all this, I’m supposed to be upset because some kid somewhere stepped on a piece of fabric?  I think not.

I just heard the NFL received a 243 page report on Delate-gate.   Tom Brady is in the crosshairs.  Mind you, that’s about 243 more pages than we saw about the 2012 death and destruction at the Benghazi Consulate.

It’s worse.  The head cover-upper of Benghazi is the Democratic front runner for President in 2016.  The leading Republican is a guy named Bush.  See a pattern?

The short, pointless war in Libya was designed solely to steal the soverign wealth fund of that country from the long-suffering people of Libya.  Some $200 Billion dollars worth of funds were whisked out of Libya and into the hands of a British Bank.  No explanation given, no questions asked.  The predicament now over that money is how much our criminal friends at Goldman Sachs were entitled to.

Keep your eye on the soft football, folks.

The crown of insanity sits atop the head of our central imperial government.  Despite robbing a hundred million Americans every year, the IRS still claims you have rights!


(The Tax Slave Bill of Rights.  IRS/Morgoth.)

Ten rights to be exact.  Do not confuse these with the defunct Bill of Rights which once accompanied the charter of the Mordor on the Potomac.  The tenth “right” brought laughter to my lips: The right to a fair and just tax system!  I tell you that no such thing exists in nature or in fiction.  The system is place is plain but in no way fair.  You simply pay what they tell you or they seize your property and put you in jail.  Resist and they will do away with you.  Just, huh?

Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe a little more respect for flags and footballs is all necessary to cure the ills of the free world.  Maybe the sun will rise in the West tomorrow.