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I’ve got a few new interesting items in the hopper as well as some old ends that need to be tied up.  For now, a few newsworthy tidbits:

A man in Oregon has been in jail for two and a half years even though he is not accused of committing a crime.  He is believed to be the longest held material witness in modern history.  I have directly encountered this phenomenon before though never to this extreme.

A woman in Arizona was recently released from prison after serves 22 years for a wrongful conviction – 22 years on death row – for a crime she didn’t commit.  I’m writing a chapter-length article on this one.  Stay tuned.  The Sword of God people are surely disappointed in this turn of events though not as disappointed as God is in them and their “swords.”

People everywhere are suffering similar tragedies.  Keep voting for all those liars and maniacs…  Based on these stories I may revise How to Interact With the Police.

Two months ago I wrote Police State America whereby I recounted the militarization of our police and the trappings of Program 1033.  Now, it seems those police agencies are no longer content with machine guns and tanks.  Now they want A-10 fighter bombers in their arsenal.  I hope this is a hoax but this is 21st Century Amerika… A-10s would do a great job stopping private drones over the National.  These and other Posse Comitatus violations continue unabated.

Feeling lucky?

(Essex County, MA SWAT Team.  Google.)

In real news … March Madness continues full swing!