First, the updates.  I updated a few pages here at the old blog.  I also re-posted an old article and published a new one (see below on main page).  I have many other ideas in the works, including clearing out the backlog of draft articles I mentioned last week.  I’ve been predicting big things since 2013 with this blog.  They’re coming.  Really, they’re already happening.  I just got back in the swing of things two weeks ago and this month may well be a record as far as traffic goes.  Thank you all!

Now … More Things You Can Do:

I love coming up with these lists.  I’m not sure if I’ll come up with ten this time but let’s see.

1. Take a day trip.  Anywhere.  Get in your car and drive a county over.  Or, a state.  Whatever.  Gas is cheap again for a while.

2. Go to a big library.  Or a small library.  Or a book store.  If you’re pressed for time, just swing by Amazon.  Books.

3. Go somewhere with a tie and a clipboard and act important.  You’ll be surprised how far you’ll get.

4. Fix something.  Anything.

5. Do something nice for someone else.  You’ll feel better just by helping them out.  Anyone.  Anything.

Five.  I came up with five things on the fly.  That’s fifty percent of 10 things…..  Oh, there are two more things you can do: 1) go back and read my real articles; 2) tell a friend or two about