Dear Friends:

Yes, I took another sabbatical.  Many, many changes here in Lovett-Land.  Some of you know a few of them – mostly turns for the better!  The scenery sure has improved:


(Cigars never change; Slim Daddy is almost into fighting form, sub 10% body fat!)

I have continued to write and … uh .. meddle – all in draft form.  I have a backlog of stuff to publish.  Please be patient.  I hope you notice a substantial change in the material here.  I’m shooting for either purely intellectual (with a kick) or positive, motivational posts designed to highlight and promote happiness and freedom.  I going to do my best to leave the ranting, raving, bomb-throwing to someone else (web’s covered in it).

How are you all doing?  Quite a few of you have inquired as to my doings and whereabouts.  I want to keep up with you too.  I still freedom fight but in a more subdued fashion.  No more law!  I’m not sure who left whom.  I looked around one day and couldn’t find justice.  And, I lost interest in being a “dinosaur veterinarian.”  Anyway, I took a great job in sales to pay the bills.  I also moved.  Blah, blah.

Here, I want to crank out a good post every day or every other day.  No promises.  Keep a lookout.

Feels good to be back.