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The summer is passing by and I feel woefully inadequate about my postings of late.  My other projects and life management I fear I’m probably doing the best I can.  Oh well….  And, thanks for all your recent kind regards!

Let’s see what afoot lately…

The Wall Street Journal had a good article recently called The Rise of the Warrior Cop.  It concerns the never-ending militarization of law enforcement in America.  It even notes the Founders reservations about standing armies and that the police have become, de facto, just that.  Interesting piece; give it a read.

Alex Jones’ site ran a story about the decline (death) of justice in America.  See: http://www.infowars.com/america-no-longer-has-a-functioning-judicial-system/.  I have written about this subject extensively both from research and from personal, professional experience.  In short, the Just Us system is out of control.  For every George Zimmerman (or Roderick Scott) there are a hundred innocent people railroaded trough systemic corruption.

Sometimes even the Huffington Post gets it right.  Here’s a story on the decline of the American middle class.  I do not agree with all of their root causes but they have the problem dead to rights.  The part about “financialization” is spot on.  This is a huge part of what I (and George Carlin) refer to as “The Big Club.”  They run and own everything.  You and I get the crumbs, if any.  It’s shocking really.  We’re No. 27! We’re No. 27!  Wheeeee!!!

Government madness abounds unabated.  D.C. has rewarded Phil Mickelson for his excellent performance of late with a 61% tax hit.  A small-time magician in Missouri is required by the feds to write a 32-page disaster plan for his performing rabbit.  Etc.  Next, they’ll make rabbits write plans for magicians.  What a great country!  We’re No. 27!!!

More to come…