After all I’ve preached on the subject you probably don’t plan to talk to the cops ever again.  However, just in case you don’t get it yet, please read this story by Eric Peters (the car man):

Did you watch the video?  An illegal stop, an illegal detainment, and an illegal search by a convicted felon cop.  Many cops are criminals but this cat actually had the record to prove it.  A few of you with harder heads and redder necks may still say, “I ain’t done nuthin wrong so I ain’t got nuthin to hide!”  Neither did the fellow in the video.  Yet, the convicted felon still saw fit to violate his civil rights (and those of his passenger).

In this case the officer/felon was going to search the car come hell or high water.  They can do this because they have guns.  They’re highwaymen.  Still, the motorists said way to much.  All he should have said (over and over) was “I have nothing to say” and “I don not consent to any searches.”  That’s what you’re going to say the next time you’re harassed by a highwayman, right?  The thug will violate your rights anyway (in most cases).  Then, you find an attorney and sue him and his “department.”

The rest of Eric’s article deals with cash and civil forfeiture (theft), with which I have some professional experience.  Please educate yourself about this disgusting practice.  Keep the cash out of sight and do not disclose it to any potential robber.  The next time some tick slithers up to you to solicit your vote, tell him you want your local civil forfeiture laws repealed.  Tell him you want thieving highwayman cops prosecuted.  Tell him to serve the people or go to hell.  Say it like you mean it; mean it.


(Don’t talk to the pigs.  It only makes them kick harder.  Google.)