Right now I am tele-blogging from a parking lot!  I have the honor of watching funny-looking people talk to themselves.  There’s also a person in a dog suit entertaining everyone.  Fun!

The good old posts will resume shortly.  Expect another gun rights survey this evening or tomorrow.  I may put a twist on it, time permitting.

The news:

The IRS is stalking people Stazi-style.  The Department of Justice [SIC] is wiretapping reporters and Congress.  The White House Regime continues to lie and obfuscate about the debacle in Libya.  So, what’s new?  The government is merely a large gang of criminals.  What more can we expect?  I’ve asked before and I ask again: why do we need a government???

The only good news out today is the release of Chris Christie’s twerking video on Youtube.  I made that up.  It would not be good…  Okay, gotta run.