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First, site news – the RC/Banksters v. Rocky/The People case has generated substantial activity here.  This is shaping up to be another biggest week ever.  Tuesday was another all-time high!  Keep it up, friends.  April was also the site’s busiest month.  I am flattered and thank you all.

My name apparently came up on the Austin Rhodes Show yesterday, I think.  I did not hear but was regaled by a few friends.  I may call in tomorrow, time permitting.  Rocky and I will likely be guests next week.  Stay tuned – here and to 580 AM.  Alllllllso: Rocky is famous!  The story has been picked up by Alex Jones!!!!! Citizen Arrested at Suspicionless Checkpoint for Not Obeying Petty Commands.  I’m calling Alex tomorrow!  Fire it up!

Fiat justitia ruat caelum!  That’s Latin for: “Let justice be done though the heavens fall!”  It’s an ancient legal maxim oft attributed to Lucius Calpurnius Piso Caesoninus, he of the late, dying Roman Republic.  Modern legal scholars seldom quote it, if they are even aware.  Most prefer “justice” at a lower cost.  We will have justice in Augusta, Georgia.  I doubt the heavens ever will fall, but the local government can.  So be it.

In addition to the Federal Justice [SIC (- sorry, guys, habit…)] Department’s investigation, I’m in talks with a prominent Constitutional  attorney and a powerful civil rights organization about how to proceed civilly against the local and international (bank) criminals.  I look forward to building a strong team to attack this problem.  I also need your help – any help.  We must have a mult-pronged approach: criminally, civilly, and public relations.

This problem is spread all across the USSA,  However, people are fighting back.  There’s a massive uproar in Dallas and in Arkansas a federal class action suit has already been filed.  I’ll be talking to the Plaintiffs’ attorneys soon.  If you, a friend, or relative have been arrested lately, you might be a member – contact me, if so.

I see two gigantic forces behind this issue.  Really, it’s just one – the devil.  He’s using two groups for his purposes.  First, there’s the government with its insatiable lust to control everything on the planet.  Second, this is yet another scheme by the Big Club, international, banking elite to suck up all wealth in advance of the looming financial collapse/dark age.  Like Aragorn (in Jackson’s telling), I bid you, stand, men of the West!  We must do justice to the evil.

Before I get to the generic news I want to briefly talk about a few lingering stories from around our fading Republic.

In California, New Hampshire, and all other States, the police are seizing innocent people’s children from their homes for nothing.  Sound like America?  Sounds more like The Hunger Games to me.

Mentally ill and disabled men and women across the country are being treated like garbage by the police and the courts.  I know.  I had such a case last fall.  Soon, I will publish an account with Paul Craig Roberts’s outfit and, of course, here.  America?

In Boston, thousands of citizens “sheltered in place” like sheep in the pen, while an army of stormtroopers stomped all over the Constitution in and out of the pen … homes.  Boston strong?  More like, Kapo weak.


(Protecting the children or something.  Google.)

The news:

Three more arrests in the Boston bombing/false flag operation.  I watched six seconds of CNN (Fox?) today and heard the reporter remark: “Unbelievable!”  I agree, I belive none of it.  Again, enough with the kitchen pot and the fireworks!  With all those cameras running 24/7, where are the images or video of the provocateurs PLANTING or DETONATING the bombs!  They found DNA?  Where?  Whose?  Did Urban Moving Systems do the marathon setup?  Any evidence out there????

Satan is recalling Uncle Ben to Hell.  Until his resignation takes effect, the money will fly at full speed.  Sit on those jail debit cards, please.  The crooks need the fees.

In their zeal to hold children and families at gun-point the Boston police skipped the street where the surviving “suspect” was yachting.  Feel safer?  Boston stronger?

It’s May Day!  Happy May Day!!!  Much more to come!